December 10, 2016


The Parish

"A parish is a certain community of the Christian faithful stably constituted in a particular church, whose pastoral care is entrusted to a pastor (parochus) as its proper pastor (pastor) under the authority of the diocesan bishop." (Canon 515)

The parish is the community where the faith life of each member is nourished. It is a family where, under the leadership of the pastor, each member contributes to the success of the whole, building up the Kingdom of God in the local community, as part of the Universal Church, the mystical body of Christ on earth. In addition to being an ecclesial body, each parish is also legally established as a civlil corporation under the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

While the parish is first and foremost an ecclesial entity - a specific local community in the mystical body of Christ - over the centuries civil law has evolved to mirror Church law in many respects, and in our present legal system each parish has a corresponding civil corporation which owns property, hires employees, etc. Click here for more about these parish corporations.

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